Monthly Archives: August 2010

Quinns Baptist College Open Day

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The church was a part of the Quinns Baptist College Open day,  sponsoring the small animal farm and holding stalls that sold some amazing cupcakes as well as general ‘garage sale’ type gear. At the end of the day around $2800.00 was raised for the Bali Orphanage projects.

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Be Not Content

“Be Not Content Merely to Look Upon Atrocities” “The first time you go to Afghanistan, people think you are crazy. The second time, they consider you heroic. The third time, you are disciplined and committed The fourth time, it confirms that you are, in fact, crazy.” (source: This week an old mate of mine […]

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The Song Inside?

I remember as a teenager being inspired by the movie Chariots of Fire and the conviction shown by Eric Liddell, the brilliant Scottish athlete who refused to run in the heats of the Olympic 100m sprint because they were held on a Sunday. Liddell copped a fair bit of heat for being a runner when […]

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