Monthly Archives: July 2011

“Baptist Church Membership” – Today’s Project: trying to breathe life into a less than inspiring subject…

Ok QBC folks if you weren’t there today then you missed the start of our series on church membership and what it all means. Because its an important part of our life together and developing a shared understanding is vital to moving forwards I’ve decided to upload a text version of some of what I […]

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Kingdom – Church – You

This Sunday we begin a new series with a specific focus on what it means to be the people of God today – to be the church and to live as the community Jesus dreamt we would be. It began with asking the question of ‘church membership’ – what exactly does that mean? Who can […]

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QBC on a Sunday (Afternoon)

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A few of us managed to hit the dunes last Sunday and both enjoy the spectacular day that it was, as well as do some challenging 4wding along a very soft stretch of beach. Almost everyone got bogged at some point, but with some good teamwork and a bit of knowhow we made it back […]

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When I say ‘Church’… Coming Up on Sundays

Recently we began to discuss what it means to be a ‘church member’ at QBC, but with sickness and various other complications the conversation didn’t eventuate as intended. However it was probably a good thing as rather than spend one Sunday morning on the subject we are now going to spend 6 weeks looking at […]

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