Monthly Archives: June 2013


This week I’ve been reading ‘Move’, a book that was written as a summary of research done into how spiritual growth occurs in churches. It was initiated by the Willow Creek Church in the US who wanted to assess if they were really making disciples like they thought they were. It turns out some of […]

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Church Meeting on Sunday

We don’t do these often, but sometimes its good to get together, check in on family life, let you know what’s happening that you may not be aware of and to share some ideas for where we may be headed in the future. This Sunday after our morning gathering we will taking no more than […]

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QBC Youth Camp

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              The annual QBC Youth Camp in Moore River is happening this month – June 14-16 in Moore River. These are always valuable times of fun and challenge so speak to Ryan for more info. For more info on what’s happening with youth go here

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Dear Jude…

We are in the middle of a series on the New Testament letters, looking at where they fit in the big scheme of the Bible and what they meant in that first century context as well as what they say to us now. So far we have covered Jude – a pretty intense and direct […]

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