Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Power of Vulnerability

And here’s the Ted talk I mentioned on Sunday that ought to inspire even the most insular and private of us to open our lives to someone else. Vulnerability is a key to authenticity and genuine relationships. This woman is gold  

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Stuff to Do

On Sunday we discussed the kind of community we want to be at QBC. Part of that involved being people who see one another and who live in such a way towards one another that we help one another become mature in Christ (See Eph 4:13) So here’s that list of 59 ‘One anothers’ I […]

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Missional Means?

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          This week in our Sunday gathering we will be looking at this thing we call ‘mission’, a word that has so much more baggage┬áit is almost rendered unusable at times. When you think ‘mission’ you may envisage people in far away countries, confrontational evangelism, some form of service work or […]

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