We are a local Baptist church who meet in the Quinns Baptist College in Salerno Drive Mindarie and we’ve been around for about 18 years now.

We try to keep our focus simple – loving God and loving others and we orient what we do around these core ideas. We want to do whatever we can to help people know God better and follow Jesus more closely, so that we can be the visible presence of God’s kingdom in the local community.

You won’t find a heap of programs and activity around QBC nor will you get roped into doing something as soon as you attend. Feel free to drop in and say g’day and see if who we are resonates with who you are. If you find you don’t fit our culture then we can point in the direction of some other great churches in the area who might suit you better.

Be aware that we value interaction and participation as a church community so while some weeks involve sitting and listening to a sermon other weeks will involve talking and discussing ideas with those around you.

Click here for a google map of where we meet, or for more info call Andrew  on 0400044236 or email