Becoming Like Jesus

I guess you could say its not rocket surgery, but the primary goal of a Christian community is to help people become more and more like Jesus.

The question we will be exploring over the next few weeks at QBC is simply that – ‘how do we become like Jesus here at QBC?’ There’s no question it doesn’t happen ‘accidentally’, but equally how do we help one another become disciples of Jesus in everyday life, without loading people up with more groups, triplets, studies and events? Surely more programs aren’t the answer?…

Let’s face it – if it were down to programs then the first century Christians were screwed. So we will looking at several core ideas:

a) Becoming like Jesus IS the main game – this is what Jesus was on about with the ‘great commission’

b) You are responsible for your own spiritual formation. If you don’t want to be transformed into Christlikeness then no one can make you do it.

c) We are responsible for one another’s spiritual formation. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to become like Christ, then the fact is that no one does it alone. The life of faith is communal and we only really grow into his likeness as we do it together.

d) There are things you can do to faciliate this and there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Choosing to engage in some of the healthy processes and choosing to let go of the things that hinder us are key to seeing change happen.

So there’s nothing bizarrely original in any of that, but sometimes we need to stop and cycle back to the very core stuff.

My hope is that by the end of the year if someone came to our community and asked ‘so what’s the deal for becoming like Christ around here?’ we would be able to share some core principles (a-d) and then offer some practical steps for making it happen.

Love to have you join us for the adventure

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