Camps have been an important part of how we form community at QBC. When you live in a country as beautiful as ours and when you have such great weather to enjoy then it makes sense to make the most of it and get away.

Our camps are more than just a weekend away as they are key places for relationships to form and for us to get to know one another better. Sometimes there will be some input in the form of Bible studies or similar, but generally we go away to enjoy being with ‘the family’.

Next year Jeremy will pick up the oversight of our camps and has some great ideas for places to and things to do. If you’re a part of QBC then we’d really encourage you to make it a priority to get away with the rest of the crew for at least one weekend. You get to know people so much better than you will ever do on a Sunday morning. We try to run some camps for those who don’t like camping or who don’t have camping gear. So if you prefer to stay in chalets then that option will be there too.

And when camps are on, it will be business as usual back at the ranch on a Sunday AM – just a few less people to gather with…

Here are two pics of the most recent camp to Ledge Point, another great weekend away.








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