January at QBC




Over January we change gears a little around QBC.Yesterday we met for church at Quinns Beach and it was a fantastic day.

Coming up this Sunday 13th we will be back meeting at the college and Phil Sparrow will be speaking to us and reflecting on his observations of Australian life since returning after 10 years in Afghanistan with his family serving as an aid worker. Here is an article about Phil and his family.

On January 20th we will not be meeting at the school, but will be meeting in smaller groups in homes. This will involve bringing some food to share for brunch and a simple church gathering. There are things you can do in large groups and things you can do in small groups and we hope that by giving people some smaller groups to meet in it will foster some better connections among those who may not know each other quite as well.

On January 27th we are back at the school and we’re waiting to hear who will be our guest speaker that day. It may be that Andrew will be speaking however there are some other possibilities that will again provoke and inspire you to consider how you follow Jesus. More info soon…

And once Feb hits the holiday season will be over and life will return to normal…

Enjoy the break while it lasts!


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