Missional Means?







This week in our Sunday gathering we will be looking at this thing we call ‘mission’, a word that has so much more baggage it is almost rendered unusable at times.

When you think ‘mission’ you may envisage people in far away countries, confrontational evangelism, some form of service work or any combination of the above.

On Sunday we will be looking at Jesus’ mission on earth and how that can give shape to our own.

In the meantime here are two articles that will help you do some thinking on the topic:

Defining Missional is written by my Aussie mate Alan Hirsch and is an excellent summary of what we do and don’t mean by this topic. Short, concise and helpful.

And then there is this research summary of mission work in Thailand that compares what they call ‘blessers’ and ‘converters’. Converters go to a country ‘under cover, work alone and don’t adapt to the culture. Their goal is to convert people to Christian faith. Meanwhile ‘blessers’ go to a country openly, are co-operative with other groups and set out to enrich people’s lives as they ‘bless’ them. Who does the better job?… Check it out

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