This week I’ve been reading ‘Move’, a book that was written as a summary of research done into how spiritual growth occurs in churches. It was initiated by the Willow Creek Church in the US who wanted to assess if they were really making disciples like they thought they were.

It turns out some of their theories of discipleship just didn’t hold water in reality and they needed to face some challenging facts.

Here are a couple of insights that I found helpful:

– The single most significant factor in a person’s spiritual development is their level of engagement with scripture while on their own. If people spend time regularly reflecting on the Bible then they are the ones most likely to be spiritually mature.

– The longer a person who is not a Christian sits in the church gathering without making a commitment of their life to Christ, the less likely they will ever do so… So perhaps the message here is ‘don’t be too careful with those genuinely seeking. Present the truth clearly and often and call for a response.’

As a church we have been focussing on how we become more like Christ and this has been a valuable tool for sparking my own thinking on this subject

You can buy the book here

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