QBC Camp in Dwellingup



A couple of years back we had a fantastic weekend in Dwellingup as a church community and its planned to happen again this year on the weekend October 23-25.

Our camps are simply opportunities for connection and a way of helping a diverse community come together for longer than an hour on the weekend.

The Dwellingup campground has both campsites (powered and unpowered) as well as chalets for those who would like a little more comfort.

There is no planned schedule for the weekend. Inevitably we end up hanging out, going to the river, the coffee shops or just chilling by the campfire. But you can’t come on camp and not get to know one another better. You can chat about the football or you can talk deeply about what’s happening in your life.

If you’d like to make some better connections with the people around you then this is a great opportunity for that. Dwellingup is a beautiful south west location not far from the city, so sign up and set the time aside.


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