QBC Spring Camp

A few of us have been talking for a while about scheduling another QBC Camp Weekend, with fishing, surfing, 4wding, great wine, food and friends, so its happening!

Its got two purposes:

a) to help us to all catch up, hang out, get to know one another better (one our top priorities for 2011)

b) to create a space where our friends who aren’t part of QBC  can come and hang out with the crew.

Here’s the basic info:

  • · WhereLedge Point Caravan Park about 100km north of Quinns and close to Lancelin, The Pinnacles and Wedge Island, all fantastic places to visit.
  • · When: the weekend of Fri 23rd-Sun 25th September (although you might like to take Friday off work and come up Thursday night making it a long weekend.)
  • · Cost: Check out the rates for the caravan park on this link. You can stay in tents, chalets, or whatever you can find. Those are the only set costs. After that its up to you what you eat/spend etc

This isn’t a camp with a specific ‘spiritual agenda’ i.e. there won’t be any meetings/sermons, but the emphasis will simply be on having fun and relaxing together. You can come and go as you please, but obviously we are looking to hang out together and make the most of the time so when you ring the campsite to book just mention that you are part of the QBC crew and they will try to locate us near to one another.

We will look to visit the Pinnacles, Wedge Island, The Lancelin sand dunes and any other places of interest up there. (You don’t need a 4WD) Of course if you’d rather just fish quietly on the beach, or read a book in the shade then you can do that too…

So we’d love you to come and join us and invite along any friends you’ve got who you think would enjoy being around the QBC crew.

So what do you need to do?

  • · Call the caravan park and book yourself in
  • · Let me know you’re coming
  • · Pray for some good weather on that weekend!

If you have any questions then give Andrew a call

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