The Focus in 2011 @ QBC

As a leadership team at QBC we have been doing some prayer, planning and reflection over the last month or so and identifying some key priorities for the coming year.

As we form into a healthy missionary community here in Quinns we will be looking to develop in these 5 areas. Please read this thru and let us know your thoughts.

1. School-Church Relationship – We have a great opportunity to love, bless and serve a whole bunch of people right on our own doorstep, so to that end we will be putting energy into strengthening our relationship with the school community and using the space that we have been given to connect with students and families within the school.

Ryan will be working in the school 3 days/week in 2011 as chaplain and we will have a dedicated church office/meeting space which we intend to use for various purposes. Jeanne Robinson is in the process of initiating a mentoring program where you could spend 1hr with 1 student each week of the year helping them get on their feet.

If this aspect of our mission fires you up then let’s talk about how you can get involved in some way.

2.  Bringing Clarity to our Spiritual Formation Processes – If were to ask the question, ‘how does someone become more like Christ around here?’ I wonder what you’d answer?…

We’re aware that on one hand discipleship is a natural process and ought to happen in the ebb and flow of life, but we’re also concious that we want to provide some structure as its easy to sail through life and avoid the learning moments and the tough conversations that often shape us into healthy people.

Currently we have 4 ‘spaces’ for people to connect at different levels of intensity.

a) There will Alpha courses run regularly over the year particularly for those who are newer to faith. If you’re wanting to explore faith for the first time then this is the place to be.

b) There is Sunday church, and this has a teaching/community component. Its good to come together but  if you’re banking on this for your sole spiritual formation then it isn’t going to cut the mustard.

c) Blokes & Girls Nights – The girls alternate evenings of social activity with evenings where they get stuck into the Bible and share life with one another. The blokes have been in recess recently, but a similar approach is brewing. These are smaller groups where relationships can form more significantly and discipleship can occur more intentionally.

d) 1:1 – The most intense space for spiritual formation usually occurs as people get up close and personal and share their faith journey with someone else for a long period of time.  These types of relationships can take place any time, anywhere, but they involve some focus on growth and commitment to life transformation.

In 2011 we will be encouraging everyone to be involved in 2 of these activities as a catalyst to personal spiritual formation.

3. Developing Relationships Around QBC – This is as simple as it sounds.

QBC is generally a pretty congenial and welcoming community, but we are concious that it can be hard for some to develop significant relationships and go beyond the Sunday chat. We also know that for some of our friends who aren’t up for being part of a church gathering,  coming on Sunday isn’t going to happen.

So we will be scheduling some regular simple family based, social gatherings where people can connect and get to know one another. (Imagine a morning at the beach or similar)

There will be 5 or 6 ‘scheduled’ events over the year as well as two camps in Busselton. These will be low on organisation and high on simply turning up and hanging out. They will ‘work’ if there are 2 families or 20. They are for people within QBC and for those we know who aren’t part of the church community.

So if you’d like to make some connections in a different space to Sunday then simply come along and join in.

Of course the best way to get to know people is to invite them home for a coffee or a bbq so we’d encourage you to do what is easiest and most natural for you to form better friendships within the community.

4. Establishing a regular Sunday rhythm that helps us worship, learn and connect –  We see the primary purpose of our Sunday gathering as creating a space for people to worship together, to learn from the Bible and to connect with one another.

Its the one time when we all have an opportunity to come together and share a common journey and we’d encourage you to be part of the Sunday gathering.

In the coming year we will be following a regular rhythm of having 3 Sundays/mth in fairly regular format (songs/prayer/talk/food) and 1 Sunday/mth that is more interactive and without music. There are a few reasons for this.

– Firstly – different people learn and worship in different ways and we want to recognise that when it comes to ‘church’ one size does not fit all. Eventually we would like to develop multiple approaches to worship/learning etc with different congregations, but for now we will be creating that space within our current structure.

– Secondly, making a gathering more ‘interactive’ actually requires us to participate more consciously than is required in a regular gathering. You can ‘zone out’ through a whole church service if you want to, but its harder if you will be asked for your opinion on an issue or if you will be given an activity to engage in. Yes – its more confronting and will ask more of you…  But most of us will grow and develop more as a result and that is kinda the goal…

– Thirdly – we are a small crew and we have limited musos, singers and techies. To run a regular Sunday takes a lot of grunt and requires a fair effort on the part of a small handful of people. This gives them a break. Its a practical ‘survival’ issue as well.

At the end of the day the shape Sunday takes is going to be determined to some degree by the amount of people resource we have to make it happen. We are committed to the idea of the congregation at QBC being ‘co-labourers’ rather than customers and asking the question ‘what can I give?’ or ‘how can I help?’ rather than ‘what do you have for me?’ If we all work together we can share in creating a healthy community.

5. Communicating – we want to make people aware of the journey we are on to becoming a healthy missionary community so we will be speaking about our priorities regularly, calling people to involvement and listening for your feedback on what we are doing.

We want to hear what you have to say, so either catch us one to one and let us know your thoughts or drop an email. We’d love to hear what you find inspiring, encouraging and positive and we’d like to hear your positive suggestions for how we can develop more effectively as a community.

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