The Messy Church – 1 Corinthians



If you’ve been around church for any length of time then you’d know that most of what we communicate about church is how awesome it can be – how great it is – and what God’s vision is for his church. And that’s good… and true and important… The church is the visible expression of God’s kingdom on earth and in that it ought to be a picture of beauty and inspiration.


But… if you’ve been around church for any length of time then you also know that church can also be infuriatingly messy and rarely looks like it is depicted in the ‘how to’ books or the conferences. Church is full of flawed, broken individuals, lives that don’t go to plan, relationships that fail and people who turn out to be not quite what you expected…


The ‘real church’ is a very messy place, but its in the mess of that reality that the gospel of hope does its best work. Its in the failures and disappointments of our lives that we can experience rich grace.


There is no ideal, ‘perfect’ church out there somewhere.


However if we can believe that God is not waiting for us to ‘tidy up’ but rather is at work in the midst of our own mess then we can meet him there and discover afresh the joy he offers.


For the next little while on Sundays at QBC we will be picking up the ‘Messy Church Handbook’ AKA 1 Corinthians. This letter is sometimes seen as Paul writings to the ‘dysfunctional church’, but I get the impression that the Corinthians were probably a lot more like us than we sometimes care to admit… There is greed, tantrums, division, sexual immorality, law suits and more…


Join us to find joy, hope and grace in the mess.

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