The Narrow Road in The Sermon on the Mount


We’re almost at the end of our time in this brilliant section of the Bible, so here’s a bit of a summary of what we have been saying.

Last week we looked at Jesus’ words calling us to enter through the ‘narrow gate’ (him) and to walk on the narrow road… What does that road look like?

Here’s what we have discussed so far:

  1. We will seek first the kingdom of God – living in an alternate reality – because this current reality will take us away from the rule of God
  2. We will live distinctively with lives distinguished by irrational goodness and generosity – we will be salt and light in this world and we will live a virtuous life shaped by the beatitudes.
  3. We will value relational integrity – we won’t simply let relationships go – we will love and honour and respect each other and seek to resolve any conflicts.
  4. We will live with an absence of anxiety and a deep trust in God – a growing faith that recognises a good father rather than a distant deity who needs appeasing.
  5. We will pray because we will not be self reliant – we will live in the knowledge that our lives are dependent on God not on our own muscle.
  6. We will recognise the temporal nature of earthly wealth and we will devote our lives to what is of eternal value.
  7. We will be doers of the word of God rather than theoreticians .


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