Who Are We Again?

I guess we all go though identity crises of various sorts at different times in our lives and I’d suggest that the church is similar. We sometimes forget who we are supposed to be and as a result try on various different identities in an attempt to give meaning to what we’re doing.

In everyday life we buy ‘stuff’ to try and express, (or create) our identity – even if we think we don’t – and as churches we also have a tendency to look our for the latest greatest idea to breathe life into our life as a community.

This week as we gather I’ll be suggesting that if we know who we are then we can live out of that and not be blown around by every latest idea and funky church conference. We won’t feel pressure to emulate the achievements of high profile churches and we won’t feelĀ embarrassed by our own struggles and foibles.

Ephesians 2 is by no means an exhaustive picture of who we are as the church, but it does give some great insights, so if that’s a question you sometimes find yourself pondering then you might find this Sunday helpful…

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